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LMSD Parent Portal

Helpful Reminders

Tuition is paid on the 1st of each month - we accept cash, Venmo and check. We no longer accept credit cards.
Our computers have been set up to charge an automatic late fee if payments are not made on time.
Auto pay through your bank is a great option!

It is possible that the desk will only be staffed the first week of the month to take in-person payments, therefore paying thru autopay is a great idea as is Venmo! @Lisa-Isenberg-2.

Class Attire: We have studio appropriate shoes, leotards and tights. Requirements will differ by day and level. Regulation attire and shoes must be worn to class beginning in Sept. This is the only acceptable leotard (uniform, costume) to be worn. Past colors are not to be worn to the 2022-2023 classes!
Girls: Hair must be secured away from the face in a bun, pony tail or braids, Short hair will need bangs
and the sides pinned back for all performances but do not have to be for class unless it will be distracting for them. No excessive jewelry.

Boys: long athletic pants/dance pants and a solid LMSD t shirt.

Communication: The majority of our communication is done via the website or email (going “green”) we need your newest email address. We are working to get everyone set up on the google calendar
because all dates will be posted there. It seems if you have a gmail address it works the best but we will work with everyone to get you set up to help keep track of upcoming payments, due dates, rehearsals
and performances. We are not always at the studio on the weekends so if you need a quick response, please do not leave a message at the studio after Thursday 7pm- use our email.
Costumes: Recital costumes are ordered ion November for our Spring performance to allow for arrival and time for pictures and dress rehearsal. Full payment is due mid-November. Christmas performance
attire will be ordered separately and is usually reusable clothing but on occasion must be ordered.

Parent Dance Days: Halloween and Valentine’s Day

Practice and Videotaping

Absences: IF a student will be missing class for any reason we would appreciate an email or call.
Class sizes are regulated by which studio room dancers receive instruction so that a fair distance is able
to still be adhered to.

We have always started our combo classes with hand sanitizing and with dancers on distancing squares
but also implement this in the other levels when possible.

Door handles and ballet barres are sanitized between different groups of dancers as well as acro mats.
Floors are steamed mopped in addition to the usual cleaning method.

Shoe pick up: You will receive an email when your shoes arrive. Shoes must be picked up and tried on before dance begins. Please bring the dancer to retry!

Sept. 6-8 -Competitive rehearsals TBA and Riverdance. Rehearsal for Sept 17 performance
Sept. 12-15 Dance classes begin. Tuition is due (remember that we pay tuition one month I advance!)
Sept. 17 12:00 Renaissance performance –competitive dancers
Sept 20 Spring Costume deposit
Oct 1- 8 Tuition Due
Oct 1 Comp rehearsal
Oct 13 Spring Costume Deposit Due
Oct 15 Comp rehearsal if needed
Oct 24-27 Parent Dance week for pre-school classes
Nov 1 –8 Tuition Due.
Nov 17 Final Spring Costume Payment Due
Nov. 22-28 Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 22 -23 Mandatory Comp class workshop
Nov. 29 Classes resume
Dec. 11 Benefit Christmas Performance - entire studio at Valley High School.
Dec. 12-16 Regular classes.
Dec 19-Jan 2 Christmas Break-
Jan 3 Classes Resume
April 24-27 Mandatory class attendance and rehearsals for the performance.
Spring Recital April 30, 2023
May 8-June 1 Mini Spring Session
June 12-16 Princess Camp #1

Important Dates

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